I have a blog in Telavivian with photos I’m taken from the Tel Aviv nightlife scene, music, fashion & everything in between. Come visit me:

Selected photos from my posts:

What is Telavivian.com?

Telavivian is an online magazine about lifestyle, fashion, art, food, music, design and nightlife – written by influential people from Tel Aviv.

Telavivian gathers the most interesting and exuberant writers Tel Aviv has to offer and places them under one roof. We give you international and local stories intertwined with everyday life and personal thoughts.

Our blogs do not aim to comprise an informative city guide, but rather build on genuine material from everyday life. Telavivian will capture details, colors and surroundings, and reflect what is seen through the eyes of the individual writer. We believe that Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting cities in the world – because it is constantly changing.

The writers at Telavivian.com work as stylists, artists, photographers and journalists at some of the most prominent magazines and news papers in Israel such as Haaretz, Maariv and Time Out.

Get to know them better by looking through the menu called “Blogs”.

The founders of Telavivian are Anna Kopito, Eva Kopito and Anna Lindahl from Stockholm, Sweden.

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Interview with Telavivian on Channel 3, Chadar Chadashot

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